A True Fishing Experience, Rumah Rakit Bagan Lalang!

January 11, 2022 - 01:11 PM

Felt bored having a vacation at a normal or fancy hotel? Wanted to be a little bit adventurous for this year? We have the perfect location for a short getaway that is very close to the nature! The best part is you could also bring your rods and closed ones!

This is a continuity for the last article where Rileklah went to fish at Kolam Pancing RM 3 Jugra, Banting. Since we managed to catch 2 fishes. We decided to continue our journey to Rumah Rakit Bagan Lalang. It took us around one hour of journey.

Before we reached to Rumah Rakit, we have to stop by at Jeti Sirip Biru. You have to take a boat and it took us around less than 10 minutes to arrive at our accommodation. The boat ride is free by the way.

Why Rumah Rakit Bagan Lalang is the perfect one of a kind trip?

Rumah Rakit Bagan Lalang offers a different ambience where you could experience on how those who lives near to the river or sea. In fact, it is a floating house at the estuary where the tides meet the stream.

There are two types of Rumah Rakit, the first one is one storey house while the second one is two storey house. You could choose either one depending the number of people you are travelling with. Rumah Rakit is also complete with basic facilities such as:

  • a kitchen (complete with utensils)
  • 2 bedrooms with fans, mattresses, plugs
  • avbarbeque set (charcoal provided)
  • a toilet 
  • a Generator 
  • a living bait storage

You have all the necessities in having a pleasing experience with your loved ones. You just have to bring all your cooking ingredients or bbq in order to have a feast!

The rate for Rumah Rakit Bagan Lalang starts at RM 400 up to RM 600 for one night, depends on the types and total capacity.

Back to our story, we decided to celebrate our day by having a barbeque session by enjoying the two fishes we caught. Accompanied by set of oden that we brought along. It was indeed a tasty dinner. You thought it was the end? Nope, we continue to fish until the late morning.

It was truly one of a kind experience.