11 Amazing, Popular And Halal Spots To Eat In Hatyai!

June 27, 2022 - 06:11 PM

Hatyai is truly a food heaven for those who would love to give it a try at Thai food. It is definitely popular among Malaysian travellers. Not just food, there are plenty of amazing attractions located in the south of Thailand.

This is the list of 11 amazing, popular and halal spots to eat In Hatyai as shared by Nurul Syahira

1. Samila Beach

As for now, the crowd is quite small and because of that the beach is in a perfect and clean condition. Definitely the perfect spot for you to chill out and have a lunch. There are plenty of small stalls that sell famous thai dishes such as thai fried rice as well as kerabu maggi. Could you imagine the calmness of having a picnic by the beach and enjoying a plate of kerabu maggi. Perfect.


2. The Bay Cafe

Amazing interior. As simple as that. Plus point for this cafe is you are able to enjoy the the beach as it is located right infront of it. It is also a perfect spot for you take plenty of pictures. The drinks are nice, one thing to ponder is the language barrier as they could not understand any English or Malay. 

3. Asean Night Bazaar

Had dinner during our first night here, back then there were a lot of stalls but due to Covid most of them are closed. Sadly, the food is not like it used to. Better luck next time.

4. Dimsum Chabura

Crème de la crème! The food here is delicious! Had an amazing breakfast and one of my favourite is their Pad Thai. Not to forget their meat fried rice is also great! Had to repeat it again before going back to Malaysia. Do give it a try.

5. Double 3 Craft Cafe

A cafe located by the roadside of the town. One precious tip is you need to park at the correct spot or else you'll subjected to summon. A perfect place for you OOTDs. Tried their fruity drinks and coffee was not that bad!


6. Lagom House

Another cafe just few metres from Double 3 Craft Cafe. You can walk here. The cafe's interior is beautiful and fulled with flowers! And we give their fruity drinks a try and it was pleasant.

7. Avenue Hatyai Cafe

A cafe with clean and minimal interior desisgn. Finally we found a cafe that is able to serve in English. They only serve drinks and coffee. We tried their famous Blackpink and Iced Tea. The Blackpink is amazing as it was a mix of milk and strawberry.

8. Leaf Coffee

Their Butterbear is was marvellous! A refreshing taste and they also serve in English.


9. Wish Cafe

One of the most aessthetic cafe, a gentle reminder most of matcha latte in Hatyai are pure so you would not taste any sugar in them 😂


10. Kai Tod Decha

A typical restaurant for you to enjoy and it was pleasant!


11. Halal Oasis

Their porridge & drinks are well recomeneded and as the name says it is halal. Sadly all their menu are in siamese and they could not understand any Malay or English.